The risk of fire

The risk of fire in a hoarded home is one the highest risk factors for any home. Due to the nature of items that are typically collected by hoarders, it is very easy for a fire to spread rapidly throughout a home. This can trap a home owner within a matter of seconds. At this point it is extremely difficult for rescue services to save them. This is mainly due to how a fire can spread. It’s very easy for the fire to spread through thin materials, such as paper, and trap someone within one room before they have chance to react. Without an incredibly quick intervention, it quickly becomes almost impossible for the fire service to gain access to the home. For this reason, it is essential that we try and reduce the risk of fire in homes. Particularly in Wales.

The risk in Wales

At the present moment there are around 670 recognised hoarders living in Wales. However the Welsh fire service has estimated that 5% of the population could be suffering from hoarding. This means that a staggering 150,000 people could be affected by hoarding in some capacity. That is a massive difference between the number of recognised hoarders and the estimated number. Why is this? Well it could largely be due to the stigma that is still attached to hoarding. A lot of people don’t understand the condition very well due to the fact that it has not long been classified as a medical condition.

This means that it is very easy for people to form opinions about hoarding without knowing the truth of the condition. This makes it very hard for sufferers to reveal their struggle out of fear of being discriminated against or not taken seriously. It is extremely important that this stigma is lifted so that people can get the help that they deserve. By reducing the stigma and increasing awareness of hoarding, it will allow people to feel much more comfortable about reaching out for help and we can therefore start to reduce the number of hoarding-fire related incidents. We need your help to make this possible.

Read on to find out more about steps that people can take to help reduce the risk of a fire…


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