Cats are one of the most popular domesticated pets in the world and. With an estimated 600 million in the world, there’s plenty to go around! Try to imagine then what this person’s house must of looked like as they hoarded not just standard items like newspapers, magazines, cans etc, but cats also. Imagine the smell! More than 50 cats and kittens have been rescued from a Tucson home in what is the third hoarding rescue in three weeks.

image of catField service officers have removed 54 cats from the overflowing home. Members of the shelter team have worked late into the night to check their weights, vaccinate and deworm them. Once this was done they were transferred to a medical team, according to a post on the Pima County Animal Care Centre Facebook page.

Additional community agencies responded to the home, which was described as being in “deplorable” condition, and addressed safety concerns with the structure, said Pima County spokesman, Mark Evans.

PACC has reached out to rescue and shelter partners for help to make room for the new cats, who need medical care and isolation time. Many organisations, including the Humane Society of Southern Arizona and Saving Animals From Euthanasia, have already agreed to take other PACC cats into their care to make room for the new arrivals, Evans said.

The 54 cats who have been rescued from the home are now in a position to leave PACC and are cats on ledgelooking for a new home. Anyone who is interested now has the opportunity to take one home without having to pay any type of fee!

Throughout Feb, the shelter is running a special on all of their others pets. With low prices they want to tempt people into adding another loved one to their family.

If you can’t adopt, you can always help in another way by making a donation or leaving a gift of medical supplies.

Remember, if you or someone you know is suffering from hoarding, you can contact us at for help.

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