Clouds End

Following an emotive experience working as a ‘de-clutterer’ Clouds End founder, Heather Matuozzo, realised there was little or no help available for people affected by hoarding disorder and this spurred her on to form Clouds End CIC in 2009.

The company’s prevailing belief is that the process has to be fun or it won’t succeed. People often start off frightened about what may be asked of them but the idea is to help people slowly change their behaviour at a pace they find comfortable not to compel them to make dramatic, shocking changes.

Their services are available to anyone looking to tackle a hoarding situation that is causing a problem.
Being a Community Interest Company means Clouds End rely on funding, this can come from a wide range of sources and helps keep their work going.

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Heather Matuozzo

Founder and Director
Supporter and pioneer of change ( for those with hoarding behaviours)

Heather - Clouds End CIC Heather set up the UK’s first social enterprise dedicated to helping hoarders, Clouds End CIC in 2009. She is recognized as one of the country’s leading hoarding specialists and has pioneered the creation of the first UK Hoarding Awareness Training course, which is now CPD accredited. 

Heather is Chair of Hoarding UK, Britain’s only hoarding charity. She helped organise the first ever UK Hoarding Awareness Week in May 2014 and runs the website She is an advisor to the National Fire Chief’s Council NFCC and a guest lecturer at Birmingham University.

Additionally, she is an advisor to the charity MIND and on-line self-help forum Help for Hoarders. She has have been an Associate of Capsticks Law Firm, has been a guest speaker at Grand Designs Live and has talked at hoarding events around the UK. She regularly speaks about hoarding on radio and TV, including appearing on the award-winning BBC1 documentary “Britain’s Biggest Hoarders” in 2012 and 2013.  

Heather has created a system called Clouds End Supportive Intervention TM, which looks at finding multi agency solutions that work for everyone. Based on Strengths Based and Person Centered approaches.

Heather works on the development of multi-agency hoarding groups (consisting of a tailored group of external individuals/organisations, from psychiatrists to cleaning companies, that will help in an individual’s progress in clearing their hoarded property), and has helped establish self-help groups across the UK, running 4 of them locally in Birmingham.  

Heather has worked directly with hundreds of people to help them declutter, and liaised with dozens of authorities and agencies when clients need support from an empathic, non-judgmental advocate.

Heather heads the foremost Hoarding Awareness training in the UK, with a proven record of providing successful training, projects and consultancy services to organisations and staff that come into contact with hoarded properties and people with Hoarding Disorder.  

Clouds End’s clients have included Peabody Housing Association (hoarding taskforce pilot, London); The Isle of Man Hoarding Taskforce; Birmingham City Council (the De-Clutter Bus Project, in association with Dr Stephen Kellett of Sheffield University); the charity MIND (I deliver Hoarding Awareness Training for the UK’s leading mental health charity; East Sussex County Council, Cardiff Council, Kirklees Council, Birghton and Hove Council, Co Durham Fire and Rescue  and many more. 

Clouds End are at present working on a two year project with Birmingham City Council working with 100 people who hoard. This will develop evidence based innovative practices and resources. 

Sharon McLoughlin

Enforcer turned supporter

Heather Cloudsend
Heather first met Sharon at a Hoarding seminar in Leeds where they were both giving talks, Heather really enjoyed listening to Sharon’s. Luckily Sharon had just started working as a freelance consultant and after some discussions agreed to work under the Clouds End North banner. 

Her passion and expertise in the field of hoarding is second to none and she is an excellent trainer. Her compassionate, kind approach reflects Clouds End’s beliefs perfectly and she is a great addition to our team.



Andy Honey & Belinda Ogle

Heather Matuozzo first saw Andy on the Obsessive Compulsive Hoarder TV documentary on Channel 4 in December 2011. He clearly understood how to work with people with hoarding disorder, he was compassionate, patient and funny! Heather knew she had to get in touch with him and emailed him that night. He told her he really wanted to work with people with hoarding disorder and so they found a way to make it happen.

He officially joined the team in December 2012. His mix of tolerance, creative suggestions and sense of humour have made him a perfect fit for Clouds End and their clients. He was later joined by his partner Belinda who took an interest in what he was doing and went along with him on a few jobs. Her natural affinity with people combined with her practical approach made her another welcome member of the team.


Jane & Michael

Jane & Micheal

Jane and Michael have joined Clouds End CIC as Associates.

They have done some wonderful work cleaning and clearing with their organisation called Lifeline. The both love what they do which comes across when they meet people and we are so happy to welcome them into the Clouds End family.




Sam Wainman

Sam Wainman

Sam Wainman is an aspiring Psychologist who has experience conducting research and reviews on the psychology of hoarding behaviour. Sam began working with Clouds End in 2020 and completed a project using Virtual reality. This project aimed to help understand how those who hoard emotionally and cognitively process their home through a safe and controlled setting. Sam is shortly due to begin a PhD which will aim to generate a new intervention for Hoarding disorder through collaboration with potential service users.






Kirsty Wilson

Kirsty Wilson - Clouds End CIC

Kirsty Wilson has recently joined the Clouds End Team as an apprentice and will be using her amazing skills to spread the Clouds End message of support and safety to a wider audience.