astonishing photos show life of a hoarderA Hoarded Home

These astonishing photos paint the picture of the interior of a severely hoarded home. Frenchman Jean, aged 60, suffers from Diogenes syndrome which is also known as senile squalor syndrome. The syndrome is characterised by withdrawal, compulsive hoarding and self-neglect. Furthermore the condition has meant Jean now lives a very negative lifestyle. Jean has to live off things he finds in bins and money from an inheritance due to Diogenes syndrome.

These emotional images give us a sharp look into the reality of life as a hoarder. It also shows how the condition can affect and take over one’s life. In Jean’s case, he is forced to squeeze through doors and sleep on just a small corner of his bed in an almost upright position. For those who haven’t experienced this before, it can be quite a shock to see how some people are forced to live. This is why is is especially important to share these stories so that we can raise awareness for hoarding disorder and help those who desperately need it.

Read on to see all of the pictures and find out more about Jean.


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