An author in America, Judy Batalion, has given an insight into what it was like for her to grow up in a cluttered home and how she overcame this throughout her childhood to become what she describes as a ‘militant minimalist.’

People have often asked her why she didn’t just clean up the mess while she was living with her mother. She did try one time.

“At age 15 or 16, Batalion ran home from a party and started cleaning up some of the mess in her mother’s kitchen. When her mother arrived and saw what was happening, she was furious.

“She made me pick it all out of the garbage,” Batalion recalled.”

It is a very interesting read and talks about:

  • The type of things that her mother used to hoard.
  • The ripple effect that compulsive hoarding has.
  • How there is a link between stuff and psyche.
  • How people project their identities into objects.
  • How hoarding is linked to a desire to create safety.

You can read the full article below to find out more information about Judy Batalion and her story.


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