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When possessions are poor substitutes for people: Hoarding & Loneliness

Loving Possessions Children’s possessions are very important during the early stages of life. They allow children to feel a sense of comfort when their parents aren’t nearby. For most people as they get older they have less reliance on these possessions. Rather than relying on possessions for comfort they tend to have a smaller collection […]

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West Kent Mind awarded £40,000 to tackle hoarding by Sevenoaks District Council

£40,000 funding awarded £40,000 has been awarded to West Kent Mind by the Sevenoaks District Council. This is an attempt to reduce the number of hoarders in the UK and help those who are in need. The funding has come after images of hoarded homes were released showing unmanageable amounts of clutter. The good news […]

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150,000 people thought to be at risk of hoarding fire-deaths in Wales

The risk of fire The risk of fire in a hoarded home is one the highest risk factors for any home. Due to the nature of items that are typically collected by hoarders, it is very easy for a fire to spread rapidly throughout a home. This can trap a home owner within a matter […]

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H&M is recycling old clothes to help prevent waste build up

A H&M Recycling Initiative H&M launched a new initiative in 2013 which focuses on recycling old clothing. The main goal of the initiative is to ensure that all unwanted clothing, or textile materials, can be reused or recycled. They are accepting any form of old clothing that you might have which can be split into […]

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Croydon Council launches group sessions for hoarding support

Croydon Council Croydon Council have developed and started running support groups for those suffering from hoarding disorder. The group sessions are run over a 12 week period. There is also opportunity for one-to-one sessions with trained counsellors who act as ‘declutter’ buddies help practically and emotionally.”In the group sessions… we actually look at why – […]

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How does hoarding disorder affect your neighbours?

The Risk to Neighbours Could you imagine your neighbours suffering from hoarding? As we know hoarding is a condition which is very difficult to manage. It can have a significant and lasting affect on the person who is suffering and their friends and family. However some people who are not always thought of are the […]

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Crushed by Clutter: South Shore faces prominent hoarding problem

South Shore Hoarding Problem South Shore is facing a very prominent hoarding problem which is growing year on year. As we know, hoarding was only recognised as a diagnosable mental disorder just five years ago. Before then it was considered a symptom of obsessive-compulsive-disorder (OCD). There are positive’s to come out of classification of hoarding. […]

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Hoarding: ‘Thousands of homes could be at risk of fire’

About 670 hoarders are known to Welsh fire services but they estimate up to 150,000 people could have the disorder. Statistics show 25% to 30% of fire deaths are related to hoarding. A leading fire officer in Wales has said extra resources are needed to protect those at risk of death or injury in house […]

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The secret hoarder

A 74-year-old hotel worker’s hoarding has spiralled so far out of control that he now cannot get into one of his homes. Michael Saunders bought his first home 40 years ago and after living there for 20 years, he bought the house two doors down for his mother but shortly after she passed away.  Now […]

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Turn Off the Television to Understand Hoarding

The hoarding shows we can’t get enough of have more than one aspect of hoarding wrong, which becomes a serious factor in raising awareness for the situation within communities. The people in the midst of the piles we call clutter are often collectors of items they believe have deep personal value. Collecting these items gives […]

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