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I was raised by a hoarder – and it affects me to this day

Living with hoarding For most of us growing up, we were raised and had what you might call a ‘normal’ childhood. We could freely access all areas of our house without thinking anything of it. Unfortunately some people do not have this luxury. This is due to being forced to grow up in a hoarded […]

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Astonishing pictures show the interior of a severely hoarded home

A Hoarded Home These astonishing photos paint the picture of the interior of a severely hoarded home. Frenchman Jean, aged 60, suffers from Diogenes syndrome which is also known as senile squalor syndrome. The syndrome is characterised by withdrawal, compulsive hoarding and self-neglect. Furthermore the condition has meant Jean now lives a very negative lifestyle. Jean has […]

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‘Swedish death cleaning’ is the new decluttering trend

A rather interesting new decluttering ‘trend’ has recently started doing the rounds and catching attention. Not just for it’s unusual name but also for the actual process involved. There are a number of ways that you can ‘complete’ ‘Swedish death cleaning’. This is because the end goal is always the same. It sounds scary but […]

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Hoarders are Confronting Clutter With the Use of Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Hoarders are taking new steps to confront clutter, through the use of virtual reality. In this article provided by Motherboard, they simulate hoarding in VR to see how it affects them. They said: How would you feel standing in a cramped room surrounded by garbage, newspapers, and random camping equipment? Turns out, even […]

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Youngest hoarding specialist in the US takes on the Eastside

Hoarding Specialist The youngest hoarding specialist in the US has decided to take on the East side of America. Erica DiMiele’s home is immaculate — everything in its place. She even has her underwear and sock draw labeled. “It looks like a serial killer lives there,” she said. DiMiele has kept a neat, clean, organized home […]

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The reasons why we all have a little hoarder in us

Most of us have a little hoarder inside us and it’s fashionable these days to declutter, downsize and strive for simplicity. Whatever you call it, most of us find it hard to toss out junk and embrace a minimalist lifestyle. Why? Blame it on your inner hoarder. Granted, most of us aren’t pathological hoarders and […]

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Hoarded home sold for $3 million – $500,000 above reserve

A much loved hoarder A home that used to belong to a much loved local hoarder has sold for an eye watering $3 million in the suburb of Bronte in Australia. The house was very sought after due to it’s favourable location near the sea. It boasted lovely ocean views and is a fantastic opportunity […]

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Hoarders need support and understanding – raising awareness for hoarding

Hoarding Support Hoarding is a condition that has had little support in recent years. It has even been under appreciated or misunderstood by some people. People hoard for different reasons: they collect things excessively, are bad at organizing or they simply just can’t let go. When Jennifer Morris’ sister died, her mother began to hoard […]

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Understanding Categorisation in Hoarding

Categorisation of Hoarding The University of Bath are currently looking to understand the categorisation of hoarding by conducting some research into the subject. Compulsive Hoarding affects between 1.5-6% of the population. We know that hoarding has a considerable impact on not just the individual but on their immediate (family, friends and neighbours) and wider societal system. […]

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Why taking depression medication can help to stop hoarding tendencies…

A throwaway society We may live in a throwaway society — but up to two million people in the UK are compulsive hoarders. According to new research, it first becomes a problem in during a person’s 30’s. It also affects more people with age, with seven per cent of the over-70s affected. Hoarding is not […]

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