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Taskforce Created To Provide Support for Hoarders

About 35,000 people in Tulsa County, Oklahoma are known to have some form of hoarding disorder. Health professionals believe this number would be much higher, however, many people may be too embarrassed or ashamed to admit the issue. Hoarding is typically defined as someone having difficulty parting with possessions because of a perceived need to save […]

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Cloudsend Appear on The Chrissy B Show

Back in September 2015, Cloudsend appeared on the Chrissy B show in an effort to continue raising awareness for hoarding. We get to see ‘Abi’s Story,’ an example of the type of people that Heather works with and how she tries to help them. This is a great story and a brilliant example of how Heather […]

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Digital Hoarding May Become A New Mental Disorder…

A 47-year-old man who takes thousands of digital photos each week and spends multiple hours per day editing and organising them into a structured file directory is believed to have ‘digital hoarding disorder’ which could be a subtype of hoarding disorder. This is just one case of ‘digital hoarding disorder’ and researchers believe that this […]

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