Rita Wolfensohn, an elderly and blind Brooklyn woman, appears to have been living with the corpse of her son for approximately 20 years.

Wolfensohn’s sister-in-law, Josette Buchman, discovered a “completely intact” skeleton wearing jeans, socks and a shirt in a second-story bedroom that was filled with garbage and cobwebs, reports the Daily Mail.

Buchman told the New York Post that the skeleton was lying on a mattress on the floor. It looked like “some reverse ‘Psycho’ scene,” in the words of a law enforcement officer who was quoted by The Post.

Officials, who said the room smelled like rotting food but not rotting flesh, believe Wolfensohn probably did not realize she was living with her son’s remains, believing her son had moved out years ago.

Although the remains have not yet been identified, police suspect that it is Wolfenson’s son Louis, who has not been seen in 20 years. Her other son died in 2003 at the age of 38.

This is certainly quite a unique article and one that you wouldn’t normally hear even when dealing with hoarding cases.

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home of blind woman living with corpse


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