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The Project overview for the CHAOS TO ORDER project.

  • Funded by the Preventions and Communities – Birmingham City Council
  • It aims to work with 100 people with hoarding issues over 2 years ending September 2021.
  • It will involve using New Approaches
  • There will be several multi-agency training sessions throughout the year to empower support workers from all agencies to understand the condition and work together mentored and monitored to find solutions that work.
  • There will be some distance video work (Therapy via video rather than one to one in the home)
  • At the heart of the project is the Hoarding Charter – this is a charter reassures anyone with Hoarding Issues in Birmingham that the city is looking to work to clear guidelines promote person centered approaches.
  • Support workers are encouraged to work with other support workers from different agencies to find solutions. This buddying will be mentored to encourage team working to find solutions.
  • Some work with body cams will be trialed
  • The use of the Clutter Image Rating (see resources)
  • Savings Inventory Questionnaire – multiple choice questionnaires to assist monitoring of progress (see resources)
  • Action Plan* – to aid development of plans (see resources)

*All participants of the Chaos to Order project will agree to be part of the above with a signed agreement to joint partnership working and resource development.


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