misconception of hoarding

Common Misconceptions of Hoarding – What they actually mean

Common Misconceptions Misconceptions within hoarding are becoming increasingly common. To have a better understanding of hoarding, it's important to first ...
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artist collection of items

Artists as Hoarders – the collections that get bigger and bigger

Artists as hoarders Artists are bound to collect stuff. After all, how can you create art without lots of paint, ...
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stuff in a room

Stuff and more stuff – Consumerism reaches all time high

Stuff Humans love stuff. In modern society there is an innate desire to collect, give and receive endless items. For ...
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digital hoarding smartphone

Digital hoarding: How to know when is enough is enough?

Digital Hoarding Digital hoarding is something of a rising trend in modern society. As storage on mobile devices increases, so ...
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hoarding example, tips to deal with it

6 Tips For Dealing With The Aftermath Of A Family Hoarder

Tips for afterwards Looking for tips and advice after losing someone close to you is only natural. Losing a loved ...
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