Back in September 2015, Cloudsend appeared on the Chrissy B show in an effort to continue raising awareness for hoarding. We get to see ‘Abi’s Story,’ an example of the type of people that Heather works with and how she tries to help them. This is a great story and a brilliant example of how Heather tries to achieve her aims of helping those suffering from hoarding disorder by working with them every step of the way. It’s not a case of throwing everything out and starting again, you have complete control over everything that stays and goes.

After Abi’s Story, we get to see an interview between Heather and Chrissy B where they cover the following topics:

  • How and when Cloudsend was formed.
  • What Heather is up to now. (One to one and staff training)
  • How she raises awareness of hoarding.
  • A conversation with psychologist Dr Audrey Tang where they discuss turning points.
  • How Heather makes the clean up process fun.
  • The best thing that family members can do to help.

You can view the full interview below:

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