A compulsive hoarder had stolen so much from the B&M discount store where he worked that police could barely get inside his home.

Stephen Pring had stolen beds, furniture, garden ornaments, kitchen units and electrical items from a B&M in Exeter that the items filled every room of his home in Honiton and spilled out into the garden.

He never tried to sell on the hoard of goods and many were still untouched and in their boxes when they were found by police.

The overnight supervisor waited for everyone else to go home before he started looting items from the shelves and carrying to his car but he forgot about the shop’s CCTV system.

Pring, who was a volunteer steward at the Devon County Show for many years, was caught when a B&M manager checked the footage and saw him piling items into the boot of his Corsa.

There was so much at his house bosses from the store had to use a barcode checker to catalogue what he had taken.

Pring told a probation officer he was a hoarder who took comfort from having valuable items around him at a time when he was feeling depressed.

When police searched his home they found a copy of Blackstone’s guide to the criminal law on Pring’s bedside table with a post it note marking the pages that dealt with theft.

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