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Croydon hoarding exampleCroydon Council have developed and started running support groups for those suffering from hoarding disorder. The group sessions are run over a 12 week period. There is also opportunity for one-to-one sessions with trained counsellors who act as ‘declutter’ buddies help practically and emotionally.”In the group sessions… we actually look at why – why did we start hoarding, why do we find it difficult to get rid of stuff and strategies as to how we might tackle all those difficulties,” says Sarah who attends the group sessions.

The one-to-one sessions involve practical measures such as bagging up items, taking boxes to the charity shop or filing papers. It is not solely focused on practical measures however. Your declutter buddy is there to support you and will be on hand if you just need to someone to talk to.

Does it work?

Mind in Croydon believes that their method is the key to success. The combination of group sessions and one-to-one sessions with a declutter buddy is what they believe to be the root of this schemes success.

“We combine counselling and decluttering,” says Di Hassall-Mead, Sarah’s declutter buddy.

“It’s more important than helping them sort out their rubbish and take clothes to the charity shop. That’s what makes it work.

“It’s the counselling support in helping people understand the reasons why they acquire, why they hoard, that actually supports them through the process of letting go.

“People are so psychologically, emotionally attached to their things and to their thought processes that we can’t ride roughshod over those. We have to take those into account and work through them before or during the process of decluttering.”

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Remember, if you or someone you know is suffering from hoarding, you can contact us at for help.

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