Today we are looking at an extreme case of hoarding that has been documented in China. It concerns an 83-year-old man who has become so overwhelmed by how much he has hoarded, his possessions have actually spilled out of his home and into his neighbours gardens. Below is an extract from this article:

“An 83-year-old in China found himself so overwhelmed by his habitual hoarding that his belongs have spilled out into his yard and onto the street in front of his home. Photos have emerged from Chinese media that show just how devastating an impact hoarding can have on a person’s life.”

This is a very extreme case of how much can be hoarded by one person, but is also a very good example to show what can happen if you know someone who is struggling from hoarding disorder but no action has been taken as of yet. They may be reluctant to reach out and find support for themselves in the early stages which is why it is extremely important to support them at the start of their journey. This is the most important time during the clear out process and can be the hardest part for the person affected.

You can read more about the case of the man in China below. You will find out the full extent of his hoarding disorder and how it is affecting his neighbours.


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