Today we’re taking a look at a very interesting article which explains how you could find clarity within your clutter. Matthew Morris, who wrote the article and deals with people who suffer hoarding disorder, said that:

“The people I meet have come to realize, or they have been told, that they have a problem with clutter in their homes. They mostly have one thing in common. Nearly all of them say to me, “I have watched those hoarding programmes on the TV, and that is not me!”  They are terrified of what they see on their screens, and the very thought of that process happening to them triggers many more overwhelming feelings. My experience is that they are usually right – the people that they see on the screen are not them.”

It is an excellent article which I think would be really helpful for anyone who may be suffering from hoarding disorder.

The article goes on to talk about some of the following points:

  • People’s relationship with their possessions.
  • How each persons story is unique.
  • Why Compulsive Hoarding Disorder being recognised in it’s own right is a good thing.
  • How people might respond after being diagnosed with Compulsive Hoarding Disorder.
  • How hoarders become ‘difficult’

You can read the full article below to find out more information about hoarding and Matthew Morris’ experience with it.


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