Lots of us know we probably have a bit too much stuff, and our homes would be calmer and easier to live in after a good sort-out. But for around 2-5% of the population, hoarding can be a real problem.

Far more than just being untidy or collecting things, hoarding is a compulsive desire to hold on to things that may or may not have value – and the volume can get out of control, sometimes taking over people’s homes entirely.

“The worst cases are often people who are really old and losing their health and mobility, and their homes are so hoarded that they can’t sleep anywhere apart from sitting on a step in the hall. One lady’s whole house was so full, she was sleeping almost standing up – there was about a square foot left free in the hall,” says hoarding specialist Heather Matuozzo, who set up a social enterprise called Clouds End (cloudsend.org.uk) to help hoarders and is chair of Hoarding UK (hoardinguk.org).

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Remember, if you or someone you know is suffering from hoarding, you can contact us at www.facebook.com/CloudsEndCIC for help.

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