Clouds End has been working with Birmingham City Council on a two year project called Chaos to Order to help over 100 people with hoarding issues in Birmingham.

One of our clients involved in the project, ‘L’ is sharing his story on his progress. Watch him describe, in his own words, how he has been supported by the project.


L first asked for help and reported difficulties in getting around his house due to his hoarding behaviour to his social worker – “it’s getting rather crowded here and I’ve got no room to move” – who then referred him to Clouds End.

Following a few initial telephone calls with Heather of Clouds End, L agreed to a visit in order for her to be able to asses the house and what action L was happy to take in order to make his home a safer environment for him.

Together, L and Heather made a plan for the removal of goods. L bravely let go of two skips worth of items from his home and was very pleased with the result.
Having removed some of the items blocking movement around his house, L was then able to get his garden completed and get a new cooker, as workers were able to access these areas. The bathroom was cleared and L got his heating and his TV fixed allowing people to visit him. He was delighted with the results, saying he felt “tremendous satisfaction” at managing to help himself work through his excess possessions.
L adds “I was very surprised at how much I did get rid of. I had a few…hiccups along the way.”
L has also reported improvements to his physical health since regaining control over his hoarded home.

Cluttered property

Cluttered room

De-Cluttered Property

De-Cluttered Room







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