A much loved hoarder

A home that used to belong to a much loved local hoarder has sold for an eye watering $3 million in the suburb of Bronte in Australia.

The house was very sought after due to it’s favourable location near the sea. It boasted lovely ocean views and is a fantastic opportunity for a property developer to come in and make their own stamp on the area.

The house used to belong to much loved hoarder Ernie Towell who sadly passed away in May after a battle with leukaemia. Despite battling with hoarding disorder for all of his life, Ernie’s neighbours spoke fondly of him when remembering him.

“He had a lot of plans … I always said: ‘you’re such an optimist, Ernie!’” neighbour Mr Ormandy said.

Former neighbour Angela Dorrfuss said: “He was nothing like those Bondi hoarders, who just collected rubbish,” she said.

“They would have been a nightmare to have as your neighbour, but Ernie was just delightful.”

Property Potential

It was clear to see just how well liked Ernie had been. The same can be said for his house, especially the location in which it was built. The original advert for the three bedroom house warned buyers of the house that it was uninhabitable and advised that only over 18’s should enter the house. Even then they would have to ensure they were wearing protective footwear to prevent injury.

After lots of frenzied auctioning, the house was eventually sold to Kivan Derak, the managing director at technology firm Texel Global, who described himself as “one-man-band property developer”.

When asked what his plans were for the house he said, “Have you seen it? The first thing I’m going to do with it is clean it up!”

“It’s got great views. I’m not sure what the council will let me do, but I’d like to build two nice houses on there.”

It’s certainly a house with lots potential and would make for a very exciting project! Read on to find out more about the auction and Ernie Towell.



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