The Risk to Neighbours

hoarding neighbours rubbish exampleCould you imagine your neighbours suffering from hoarding? As we know hoarding is a condition which is very difficult to manage. It can have a significant and lasting affect on the person who is suffering and their friends and family. However some people who are not always thought of are the person’s neighbours. As a person’s house becomes an increasing health and fire hazard this can have a direct impact on those living next door. Particularly if it is a semi-detached house.

As these risks increase it becomes very dangerous for those living in a hoarded home and their neighbours. If a fire begins in a hoarded home it is almost impossible to put it out due to the amount of items in a home. The severe number of items in a home mean that a fire can spread very quickly. In extreme cases it can even trap people in their homes. This can then have an effect on the neighbours. If the fire is not put out quickly it can result in damage to their property as well as the hoarded home.

This is just one example of how hoarding can affect neighbours. In some cases, such as the one in the article below, a lot of rubbish can be left outside a house without being cleared away. As the amount of rubbish increases, and the amount of time it is left there increases, it will undoubtedly attract animals to it. Among concerns would be rats, bugs, flies and cockroaches. As these animals are being attracted to rubbish piles then there is a good chance that they may be attracted to others houses also.

Health Risks

Some of the main risks involved in leaving rubbish out for an extended time include:

  • Food supply
  • Protection
  • Disease risk

The biggest attraction for animals is food. If they can find an area of land that has a suitable food supply then they will settle. As this happens, more and more animals will settle in over time. The bigger the pile, the more food for the animals. This then leads on to protection. As the animals start to settle in the rubbish areas, they will see it as a protection from predators. This can cause a colony to grow as animals take refuge and start reproducing. As well as this, the risk of disease increases. If a rubbish pile is left to decay for a long period of time it will start to develop bacteria which can be transmitted to humans by the animals living in the rubbish.

These are just a few examples of the risks to a neighbour from a hoarded home. If you’d like to take a look at an example story from someone living next to a hoarder, read on below.



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