Hoarding has come under the spotlight recently as more and more cases have been revealed in various parts of the world, particularly in Singapore. A middle-aged man had to be taken away from his home last year as volunteers cleared piles of trash from his Housing Board (HDB) flat after an intervention from the town council – the sight of his “belongings” being discarded was too much for him to bear.

Elsewhere, a retired engineer hoarded numerous electrical items even though they were spoilt or backdated. He insisted he would refurbish them and make them into useful items once more.

In yet another case, an elderly widow collected stacks of newspapers, filling her home with them. It mattered little that she would never read them – the newspapers were a reminder of her late husband and keeping the papers was how she continued to remember him.

These are just three cases of hoarding that Singapore agencies such as Habitat for Humanity Singapore and the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) have dealt with in recent years.

The problem made the headlines recently after a woman and her daughter were reported to have spent the past two years sleeping and washing their dishes outside their four-room Ang Mo Kio flat, as a result of the clutter they had accumulated inside.

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Hoarding in the spotlight

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