Hoarding Specialist

The youngest hoarding specialist in the US has decided to take on the East side of America. Erica youngest hoarding specialist Erica DiMieleDiMiele’s home is immaculate — everything in its place. She even has her underwear and sock draw labeled.

“It looks like a serial killer lives there,” she said.

DiMiele has kept a neat, clean, organized home since birth. She was also known for tidying up her friend’s desks in elementary and middle school.

But DiMiele’s day job as a chronic disorganization and hoarding specialist takes her deep into the chaotic mess of others.

DiMiele, 27, is the youngest hoarding expert in the nation, she said, and she’s been a featured expert on season nine of A&E’s TV show “Hoarders.”

Steri-Clean Washington

DiMiele owns and operates Steri-Clean Washington, the local franchise of the country’s leading hoarding cleanup provider. The company specialises in hoarding disorder and the restoration of homes.

Most of DiMiele’s clients live in Kirkland, Issaquah and Bellevue, said DiMiele, of Edmonds. Though she serves the entire Eastside. She also does crime scene biohazard clean up jobs.

“Unlike companies that specialize in junk hauling, trash outs, and debris removal, Steri-Clean, Inc. employees are trained in the hoarding disorder,” according to Steri-Clean’s website. “Each Steri-Clean, Inc. team member attends training which includes the psychology behind the disorder, triggers which cause people to hoard, and how to make the most progress while working with people that struggle with the hoarding disorder.”

Read on to find out more about this fascinating story and the great work that Erica is doing not only to clean up the country but also to help those who suffer from hoarding disorder.

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