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Hoarding Support Services

Here is a list of the hoarding support services provided by Clouds End.

One to One Support

Clouds End CIC works with people in their homes with a gentle, non-judgmental approach. The client is always in control and the plan developed will always be determined by the needs and abilities of the client themselves. This way a successful outcome is achievable and the possibility of future sustainability is stronger. Our aim is to gain trust with our clients to help them develop the skills and confidence needed to regain control over the possessions that have overwhelmed them. We like to work with support workers or carers that may be involved with the individual’s progression.

Working with Social Landlords

Clouds End CIC works with social landlords, housing associations and any service who may work with people with hoarding disorder. They work directly with their clients and can develop support programmes with their own support staff. They have a flexible approach and happily discuss the needs of both parties to achieve a viable, ongoing solution for both. Hoarding Awareness training is also available, this can also be tailored to specific needs.

Project Work with Groups

We also do project work with groups of service users. In 2011 we ran the Clutter Bus Project in collaboration with Birmingham City Council and Dr Stephen Kellett of Sheffield University, the only study of its kind. The study aimed to prove that one to one intervention in the home reduces hoarding activity and also decreases depression. This study will soon be published as a paper.

Hoarding Awareness Training Workshop

Clouds End CIC offer a Hoarding Awareness Training workshop, this looks at:

  • The present situation of hoarding in the UK
  • How to understand the condition Hoarding Disorder
  • How to assess a situation
  • How to work with clients and develop a working plan for them
  • How to monitor and measure progress

This course can be either a half or full day, delivered at your premises and can be tailored to suit the specific needs of your organisation. Mentoring can be built in.

Clouds End’s director, Heather Matuozzo, is the trainer for the Hoarding Awareness Training for MIND, the UK’s leading mental health charity.

Clouds End is currently the UK’s leading training provider for Hoarding Awareness Training.

For more information regarding our in-house training workshop, please click here.

Hoarding Awareness Online Training Course

As a social enterprise we aim to keep the costs of training low, there is also an online version of the course aimed at individuals. If you are interested in training a group of people using the online course, please get in touch.

For more information regarding our online training, please click here.

Multi-Agency Task Force Formation

Clouds End CIC can help housing associations and councils to structure and develop multi-agency task forces to help address the complex needs faced when working with people with hoarding issues. It looks at:

  • how to set a task force up
  • who should participate
  • developing protocols and procedures
  • measuring outcomes

Guest Lecturing

If you would like Heather to guest lecture at your university, college or organisation please conatct us. Areas of expertise include:

  • The present day plight that hoarders face
  • Theories surrounding the causes of hoarding disorder
  • Thinking of ways around the present ineffective interventions
  • Assessment criteria for different hoarding situations
  • Experiences with one to one client work


Heather Matuozzo was a consultant to the BBC for their 2012 and 2013 documentaries, “Britain’s Biggest Hoarders”, the 2012 documentary won the MIND Media award.

Heather often talks on the radio about matters concerning hoarding disorder: Heather and a client discussed a successful intervention on Radio WM in March 2013, she also featured on the “Lunch Show” with Caroline Martin, May 2013.

Case Review

Clouds End are offering a bespoke case review service to organisations working on a Hoarding Case or to those who have completed a Hoarding Case. By referring a case of Hoarding for this bespoke review, your organisation will benefit from an experienced Housing and Hoarding Practitioner reviewing your case in line with your organisations own policy and procedure. 

For a small additional cost your organisations case will be journey mapped, completely anonymised and shared with a Hoarding Support Group for feedback. This unique approach by Clouds End will enable your organisation to have real feedback from those experiencing and affected by Hoarding by providing real value to outcomes and recommendations.

A written report will be provided to your organisation covering the following 3 objectives:

1. What did we do well

2. What could work better for the future

3. What could ‘we’ influence/change, giving advice on how to deliver influence/change.

Should you require additional objectives to be included that are tailored to your organisation, this can be discussed at initial point of enquiry.


In addition Clouds End are collating data around Hoarding to analyse the traits of a Hoarder.  There are four key reporting areas in this initial study:

1. Who is a Hoarder

2. How long have they been Hoarding

3. What is the Type of Hoard

4. Has the Hoarding issue been successfully resolved

Should you wish for your Organisation to be involved in this study then please contact Clouds End for more details.