We do project work with groups of service users.
In 2011 we ran the De-Clutter Bus Project in collaboration with Birmingham City Council and Dr Stephen Kellett of Sheffield University, the only study of its kind. The study aimed to prove that one to one intervention in the home reduces hoarding activity and also decreases depression. This study will soon be published as a paper.

Home is where the Hoard is:
In 2017 Capsticks started the Home is where the Hoard is project with Heather Matuozzo, helping housing associations with hands on bespoke training, one to one support and mentoring for their staff and policy development.


This continues with Sharon McLoughlin for 2020/2021


This is the video that came from the original project is called My Home is My Castle and is available on request. It shows how housing staff worked successfully with a client when the housing staff reviewed how they worked with her.

October 2019 Chaos to Order – ongoing

Project funded by Birmingham City Council to work with 100 people who hoard in a multiagency way. Training and mentoring, using innovative strategies to develop the Hoarding Charter, resources and new guidelines that work.

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