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The Hoarding Training Journey

We are currently the UK’s leading training provider for Hoarding Awareness training.​
CPD Accreditation
Why learn with Clouds End Training Ltd?
We bring both experience and now an accredited qualification which can take you further in your career or in further education.

Qualification: The first CPD accredited Hoarding Awareness training in England.

CPD Accredited: Guaranteeing updated content throughout the training year.

Experience: Heather Matuozzo and Sharon McLoughlin bring over 40 years of experience in the fields of hoarding behaviour and local authority/housing implementation. They live their work so their examples are always fresh.

Clouds End CIC: The UK’s very first social enterprise

Clouds End Supportive Intervention TM: This evidence based practice uses strength based, person centred approaches for all within a practical, easy to adopt strategy.


We can tailor our courses to suit the specific needs of your organisation.

Training is usually taken out online via zoom but can be offered in-house in person


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Supportive Intervention not Eviction

Training Courses

CPD Accredited Hoarding Awareness Training 

What will you learn?

This course will enable learners to fully understand how hoarding affects people, empowering the learners to empathise with people suffering from Hoarding Disorder.

  • Supportive Intervention embeds a strength based approach and this course will help to develop skills for supporting clients in how to help themselves to overcome their inability to dispose of their belongings.
  • Collaboration with key agencies – creative thinking
  • Partnership working

Module 1 – Background to Hoarding

  • Understanding hoarding
  • Historical hoarders
  • Positive Engagement

Module 2 – Supportive Intervention

  • Strength Based Approaches
  • Assessments
  • Techniques

Module 3 – Supportive Engagement

  • How to develop tactics for working with clients
  • Best Practice
  • Recap of learning

9:30am – 4pm with a 1 hour lunch break

CPD Accredited The Psychology of Hoarding 

This course will be delivered by Sam Wainman, a PhD researcher and Psychologist who works in collaboration with Clouds End.

What will you learn?

Everyone who hoards has a unique story and this course will empower delegates to support individuals who hoard through an empathetic stance which is based on understanding the person, which research has shown to be the most important aspect of support when it comes to mental health.

Module 1 – Background to Hoarding

  • Importance of understanding Hoarding disorder
  • Background to research on hoarding
  • Assessments for hoarding

Module 2 – Nature of hoarding

  • Diagnosis
  • Cognitive behavioural model
  • Nature of thoughts in hoarding

Module 3 – Causes and treatments

  • Introduction to neurology of hoarding
  • Potential causes
  • Promising treatments
  • Recap of learning

9.30am – 4pm with 1 hour lunch.