A new study is looking at how compulsive hoarding isn’t an activity exclusive to adults.

The new analysis which is being conducted by Wayne State University, will focus on hoarding among young people between the ages of five and 30.

Dr. David Rosenberg, chair of the Department of Psychiatry at the WSU School of Medicine, is leading the study, which will involve brain scans and genetic studies to better understand the causes and best types of treatment.

“So often, 80 percent or more of all cases of compulsive hoarding have their onset and origin in childhood and adolescence,” Rosenberg said. “Tragically, it’s often not diagnosed then.”

You can read the full article below, which discusses:

  • How researches are working to diagnose the problem of hoarding in young people.
  • How many people are hoped to be enrolled onto the study.
  • Which behaviours in young people can contribute towards them hoarding.
  • How hoarding can be attributed to “filling a void.”


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