This blog has been such along time coming and now it is here I dont know where to start.

So I will just mention a few things I am going to talk about soon.

We are doing so many exciting things here at Clouds End Central.

Next week we have two training courses in Oxford which will feature Abi, one of Clouds End’s first superstars.She is coming along to answer questions at the end of the session so the trainees can ask some of those questions that I can only  answer theoretically.

We have the fabulous project going with Hammersmith and Fulham council – hopefully some to be filmed.

There might be a new TV programme on the horizon with Andy Honey and I.

Oh yes I only just found out that Britain’s Biggest Hoarders -series two- was repeated last week on BBC 2 it is always nice to hear you were on the TV

Anyway this is our very first blog post and by way of a test. We will be back with content and more stories…








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