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Training in Oxford is always such a treat. The training for Oxford council is in the Town Hall and it has to be the most beautiful place to train.

The other week we were in the Court Room – which is a tad ironic for a course based on being non-judgemental…. But none the less a lovely place.

At the end Abi joined us to do a Q&A  – ‘straight from the hoarders mouth’. I can talk for hours about my clients but there is nothing like being able to ask someone who has been through the process. I worked with Abi in 2009 and now she is right over the other side.

She got everyone to write questions on a Post It note and she answered them. The Post It note was her idea as she said it can be anonymous then and people might be more likely to ask the questions they really want to know about…

Anyway she is going to answer the questions asked in writing to put on the website for those who don’t live in Oxford…

See following blog entry for short video of Abi

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  1. Please can you email details of furture courses you are running and the costs etc.
    Thank you

  2. It’s great that you have hoarders themselves working with you. It carries the note of credibility like nothing else.

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