Pet Hoarding

pet hoardingPet hoarding is a growing problem within the hoarding community and it’s one that isn’t well known. As hoarding has recently been classified as a mental health disorder, up 1.2 million UK homes have been affected. Although hoarding can be more commonly associated to older people, this is not always the case. Hoarding can be present within anyone, regardless of age or gender. While it’s not talked as much, pet hoarding is a lot more common than people realise. When you think of hoarding you typically think of lots of materials, such as newspapers, electronics, mugs and other such household items. The items would have been collected extensively despite the fact there is little to no monetary value in the items. Regardless of this, people can still develop attachments to these items and be reluctant to part with them.

How does it differ?

Pet hoarding works in exactly the same way. A lot of the time people will rescue these animals from shelters with good intentions of giving them a new home. This does not always work out as the home they’re taken to is often a worse environment than the shelter. A person who hoards animals often has a great attachment to each of them and cannot recognise when they have too many. As a result they will downplay the fact that they cannot provide appropriate care for the animal due to the bad conditions that they are both living in. Due to their love of animals this can lead onto a number of things such as social isolation, being emotionally overwhelmed and alienated from family and friends. All of this stems from their need to ‘collect’ animals.

It is essential that anyone who suffers from hoarding receives the help that they deserve. Especially those living with animal hoarding as they will likely be living in much worse conditions.

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  1. I actually know a few people like this. They get emotionally attached to these pets and lose track of their goal, which is to find them a nice home. I have 4 dogs but every single one of them is taken care off, regular vet checks, toys, food, exercise, you name it. But I am very aware that I’ve reached my limit and cannot take in any more pets. People that can’t recognize their limits really do need help.

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