Living with hoarding

raised by a hoarder

For most of us growing up, we were raised and had what you might call a ‘normal’ childhood. We could freely access all areas of our house without thinking anything of it. Unfortunately some people do not have this luxury. This is due to being forced to grow up in a hoarded home where they can do nothing about it. To them it may seem normal when they are young. As they get older though it can dawn on them that something isn’t quite right.

It is interesting then to come across this story. It looks into how growing up in a hoarded home affects children and who they grow up to be in their adult life. I think in some cases, the affects of hoarding on family members can sometimes be overlooked. People will tend to focus on the source of the issue, namely the hoard itself. And while it is in no way wrong to approach hoarding from this angle, it is becoming increasingly important to ensure that everyone who is directly affected by the hoard receives appropriate attention and care. This story is no exception because it delves straight into the life of a child being raised in a hoarded home and how that affected the person as they grew up and moved into their own home.

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