Rising Stars Cleaning recently visited a male who is suffering from hoarding disorder to see how he is living and how they might be able to help him overcome his disorder.

Here is a quick extract from their article:

“It’s a normal busy day in the office and the last thing on the list to do is to provide a quote for a housing association. I met with the housing officer and we left out to view the property together. The officer advised me that they have a tenant who has an issue with hoarding.

We arrive on the 15th floor and there is a poignant smell floating on the landing. The officer knocks with hesitation and someone answers. Peering around the door is a small scruffy but warm in character man. As soon as he appeared to gain us entry he was gone.”

You can read the full article below where they go on to talk about:

  • The condition of his room
  • The Health and Safety hazards
  • The results of their risk assessment
  • Common Housing behaviour from those who hoard
  • Finding solutions for Housing providers


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