We are living through desperate times. On the one hand, millions of displaced people are dying of hunger and malnutrition, while on the other, the more fortunate are hoarding, preparing for a doomsday scenario.

Noble Jones’ The Tomorrow Man, a 2018 film that premièred at Sundance, now seems eerily prescient. John Lithgow plays a sexagenarian retired systems analyst in small town America, who enters into a relationship with the quirky Blythe Danner, who is in the same age bracket as him. They both have secrets, but it is Lithgow’s that is germane to this column. I’m not giving anything away by revealing it, because the trailer, which you’ll no doubt watch, features it too. Their relationship matures to the point where Lithgow feels confident enough to show her his secret. A fancy magnetic key opens the door to his garage. And what’s inside would put any of today’s supermarkets to shame. It is packed to the rafters with all manners of tinned goods, including soup, tomatoes, marmite, tuna, you name it, enough to ride out the apocalypse.

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