The rise of self storage

self storageSelf storage has soared in popularity recently as people are cramming more stuff into smaller places. As the prices for housing soars it is becoming increasingly difficult to get decent living space. For some people the solution is self storage. While it’s not convenient, self storage offers a place for people to store their items securely.

Normally storage units would be filled temporarily with household items. They are used mostly when people need a temporary storage solution during significant points in their life. This could things such as having a child, getting married, separated, divorced or they’re moving house and need the space.

One of the key issues in the UK is the lack of property size. In the UK the average household is 2.4 persons. This is larger than both Germany and France. Despite this, the UK has the smallest average property size. It has even been known as ‘one of the most squeezed in Europe.’

Hoarders using Self Storage

For hoarders, self storage can have a higher level of importance.

For Angela, self-storage is about more than not being able to part with items, it has also given her some security. When she started using the unit she had no permanent living space and it was a way for her to keep all her things in one place.

“This little box is also my home,” she says.

Angela is not the only person willing to shell out for extra space to store her things.

There are now around 1,500 self-storage sites in the UK, with use of them up almost 9% last year on 2016, according to the most recent industry figures from the Self-Storage Association UK (SSA).

In addition to this, our director Heather recently appeared on BBC Radio Leeds talking about hoarding. Have a listen to the interview here:

Read on to find out more about hoarders using self storage…

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