Social Enterprise Day on Thursday 17th November 2016 is an opportunity for the 70,000 social enterprises across the UK to shout about the good work they’re doing and the difference they’re making. Using social media is a quick and easy way to do this.

Social Enterprise UK are inviting social enterprises to tell their stories with the #WhoKnew hashtag and to post pictures on their social media feeds (including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) to showcase their organisations.

They’re also inviting people who love and buy from social enterprises to post pictures of their favourite social enterprise products or services on their social media feeds.

Here is a short piece of text that describes the story of how Clouds End started their support groups and how they can help individuals:

“Clouds End CIC started the first support group in 2014 at Solihull Fire station to provide a safe space for people with hoarding issues to come to talk things through and find solutions and support. It also provided a place for support workers to signpost their clients to .

This proved to be successful with sessions having very strong attendances. We are always trying to promote support groups in general, so when Birmingham Safeguarding Adults Board approved two further support groups in Ward End and Northfield, we were very happy to facilitate those. The groups are run by Heather Matuozzo of Clouds End CIC and Phil Barlow of Blitzgeist.”

Follow this link to find out more about Social Enterprise Day and how you can get involved!

Social Enterprise UK website

Remember, if you or someone you know is suffering from hoarding, you can contact us at for help.

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