South Shore Hoarding Problem

south shore hoarding exampleSouth Shore is facing a very prominent hoarding problem which is growing year on year. As we know, hoarding was only recognised as a diagnosable mental disorder just five years ago. Before then it was considered a symptom of obsessive-compulsive-disorder (OCD). There are positive’s to come out of classification of hoarding. That is towns and cities are now starting to generate a lot more intervention & recovery programmes.

Hoarded homes provide a unique challenge for the police and firefighters. Hoarded homes are often borderline uninhabitable and gaining access is extremely difficult. As a result people can become trapped within their own homes and in some extreme cases killed by their hoard. This was the case for one unfortunate 42-year-old man. When firefighters were called out to his home they were unable to access his house due to the amount of clutter and he passed away.

Public Health Problem

Since the classification of hoarding is quite recent, some people may believe that the disorder is new as well but that is absolutely not the case. Hoarding has been an issue for a very long time. Kristen Springer, who is a clinical psychologist who treats those with hoarding disorder, said “It’s absolutely a public health problem. We see increased cost to fire departments, we see children being removed from the home, elderly being removed from the home, threats of eviction from the housing authority.”

She said few therapists have become experts at treating hoarding disorder because it was so recently classified as its own disorder. At least 6.1 million people struggle with some degree of hoarding disorder. The National Alliance on Mental Illness reports, allowing that the number could actually be double. Experts say those who suffer from the disorder are often reluctant to seek help. This is mainly because they don’t want anyone to see how they live or they fear being forced to part with belongings.

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