stuff in a roomHumans love stuff. In modern society there is an innate desire to collect, give and receive endless items. For some this means purchasing more and more space to store all these items. We put things in closets, basements, garages. And attics. Drawers, boxes, and containers. Shelves, cabinets, and tables. Stuff-holders. Purses, back-packs, and bags—we like to take stuff with us. Since it’s now easier than ever to gather items, it’s easier to give and receive. We give out for birthdays, Christmas, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, holidays. Any chance we have to celebrate can also be linked with stuff. Sometimes we might have the desire to treat ourselves to something nice too.

What is the effect?

While it makes us feel great to receive items, it can have a big impact. The natural resources of our planet are being stretched so thinly that soon we’re going to start running out. On top of that, the environmental impact of this is damaging our planet at an alarming rate. Landfills are full of discarded stuff. We’ve polluted land, sea, and sky with stuff. Cheap labour, and a lack of human rights, are being funded by the human desire to get more by buying the latest items. This vicious cycle means that the production of stuff constantly rises, along with the negative impact it brings. For some, the desire to acquire becomes so strong that it can spiral out of control. This is known as compulsive buying and can have knock on effects such as relationship and financial difficulties.

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