Much of our understanding of mental health has only been developed in the last few decades. On Think, Science writer Claudia Kalb took that newfound knowledge to explore the minds and quirks of the world’s most interesting celebrities in her new book “Andy Warhol was a Hoarder: Inside the Minds of History’s Great Personalities.”

If you thought you knew Andy Warhol, Marilyn Monroe or Albert Einstein, think again.

There are lots of stories and cases of celebrities suffering from mental illness, but up until recently, very few of these were documented in the public eye. It is thought that a surge in treatments for mental illness, which greatly increases the likelihood of someone being able to recover and conquer these illnesses, has directly influenced more and more people to speak out about their experiences and try to help others.

Particularly celebrities, and this article is going to focus on a few people who suffered badly from hoarding or mental illness in the past, but did not have the necessary help or medication that they needed to get over their illness. As a result, they did not speak out during their life and it was often not known, or talked about, that they suffered from an illness until they had passed away.

You will be able to read about:

  • Marilyn Monroe’s troubled past and borderline personality disorder.
  • Princess Diana’s bulimia.
  • Repetition in Andy Warhol’s artwork as an indicator for hoarding.
  • Albert Einstein and the link between scientific minds and Asperger’s syndrome.
  • Frank Lloyd Wright’s narcissism.
  • Celebrities publicising their mental illnesses today.

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