A display of hoarding in someone's home.About 35,000 people in Tulsa County, Oklahoma are known to have some form of hoarding disorder. Health professionals believe this number would be much higher, however, many people may be too embarrassed or ashamed to admit the issue. Hoarding is typically defined as someone having difficulty parting with possessions because of a perceived need to save them for future use.

Several local agencies in the Tulsa Community have bounded together to form the Tulsa Community Hoarding Task Force, which includes Life Senior Services, Tulsa Fire Department, Mental Health Association Oklahoma and the Department of Human Services Adult Protective Services.

The task force met last Thursday for their first meeting in 2016 where they held a very informational meeting. They discussed a variety of topics but the main focus of the meeting was “To give give hope to people struggling with clutter disorganization and hoarding, as well as to their families,” as said by Mary Hardy of Life Senior Citizens.

Please view the article below to read the full report on the Taskforce where it goes on to discuss:

  • What health professionals are seeing more of across the County.
  • The average age of most victims.
  • The issues firefighters have when they try to tackle a hoarder home.
  • Which disorders health professionals think that hoarding stems from.
  • Why the Taskforce was set up.

There is also a news report at the top of the page which focuses on the Taskforce.


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