A 74-year-old hotel worker’s hoarding has spiralled so far out of control that he now cannot get into one of his homes.
Michael Saunders bought his first home 40 years ago and after living there for 20 years, he bought the house two doors down for his mother but shortly after she passed away. 
Now the front door and window to one of his West Midlands semi-detached homes is blocked by a seven foot high pile of furniture, bin bags and boxes.
The local council had to call in professional help from hoarding specialists Tee and Caz from the N Gervais Extreme Cleaning team due to the state of his properties.
Mr Saunders said: ‘I work in a luxury hotel. I play the piano at night for the guests. I cook the breakfasts and I am the duty manager of a 69 bedroomed hotel.

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