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Looking for tips and advice after losing someone close to you is only natural. Losing a loved one is hard in itself. But when that person was a hoarder, managing grief while sorting through mountains of stuff is even more challenging. Ashley Eneriz is someone who has had to experience this situation. In 2015 she lost her Grandmother and therefore had to deal with the aftermath. In her words, it was a “difficult, painful and exhausting.” Her Grandmother had lived in a one-bedroom California apartment only 10 miles from her house. She therefore thought taking care of her things would be quite simple. However, she was quite wrong. As a hoarder, her stuff overflowed from every corner, cabinet and surface. There were around 30 large, plastic bins filled with miniatures, yarn, felt and other supplies stacked in her small living area. Then there were all the precious notes and pictures, randomly shoved into the same boxes as outdated receipts and leftover fast-food napkins.

How to deal with it?

As you can imagine this was a very trying time. Both emotionally and physically it was a real strain to get everything sorted out. This can be the case for anyone who is dealing with a similar situation. In thinking of finding ways to deal with this more effectively, Ashley said this:
“If I ever had to go through a similar experience again, I would have taken the time to research local estate liquidation services. They can be costly but having a pro handle what to do with your loved one’s items takes a lot of time and mental stress off your shoulders. After your loved one passes, you need time to mourn, and dealing with the remains of a hoarder robs you of that emotional need.”

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